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Nigerian Wedding 2023: Tips to Pick the Perfect Aso ebi Colour for Your Wedding.

Planning a wedding is not a task for the weak. For some, the money required to cover all wedding expenses may be readily available, but even at that, there are still so many important decisions to be made. These decisions include the major ones like the choice of venue, food and drinks, and the seemingly less important ones like songs to dance to and choice of aso ebi colour.    Choosing a suitable aso ebi colour may be considered an unimportant task by many, but fashionable Nigerian brides do not see it as something to be taken lightly. For most Nigerian brides, it is one of the top five most important decisions to be taken before a wedding. This is...

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5 Tips to Select an Aso ebi Styles for a Wedding or Event.

If you're a Nigerian with an active Instagram or Facebook account, you might have come across the caption "Saturdays are for weddings" a few hundred times with different Aso ebi styles. Nigeria is not just a country marred by insecurity, corruption and inflation as we have come to know, it is also the African hub of good music, hardworking youths and without a doubt— colourful weddings.   Nigerian weddings are one of the few occasions that manage to perfectly blend religion and love with entertainment, culture, food and fashion. While a typical Nigerian is most likely to notice the variety of food and drinks at a wedding ceremony, fashion enthusiasts are more likely to be interested in the colourful array...

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5 Aso ebi Fabrics Perfect for Nigerian Weddings

Asoebi fabrics Fare one of the highlights of Nigerian weddings. The flair and colour diversity of traditional ceremonies in Nigeria give brides and grooms the perfect avenue to showcase their different cultural heritages.   It is necessary to understand that, Nigerian weddings are always vibrant and full of colour. In a nutshell, the typical Nigerian wedding ceremony is nothing short of flashy. The average wedding ceremony of any Nigerian is more or less a community gathering. Invites are open to family members, close relatives, acquaintances, and loose acquaintances. Hence, a big audience is unavoidable. Bearing in mind the caliber of persons to be gracing your event, dress patterns should be aimed at imparting elegance, colour and thoughtfulness. Every stylish Nigerian loves...

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