5 Tips to Select an Aso ebi Styles for a Wedding or Event.

If you're a Nigerian with an active Instagram or Facebook account, you might have come across the caption "Saturdays are for weddings" a few hundred times with different Aso ebi styles. Nigeria is not just a country marred by insecurity, corruption and inflation as we have come to know, it is also the African hub of good music, hardworking youths and without a doubt— colourful weddings.


Aso ebi-style

Nigerian weddings are one of the few occasions that manage to perfectly blend religion and love with entertainment, culture, food and fashion. While a typical Nigerian is most likely to notice the variety of food and drinks at a wedding ceremony, fashion enthusiasts are more likely to be interested in the colourful array of both modern and traditional attires donned by the wedding guests.

You would find these tips on how to select perfect aso ebi colour for your wedding useful.

Guests who are close friends or relatives of the celebrants may be gaily dressed in outfits made of the same material, colloquially referred to as Asoebi. Choosing the right asoebi style for a wedding or any other event can be a herculean task, the following tips may be helpful when selecting an asoebi style for a wedding or event.

Tips for  Aso ebi Styles for a Wedding or Event

  1. Consider The Latest Trends
  2. Take Your Body Shape Into Consideration
  3. Put Social Media To Good Use
  4. Take The Fabric Into Consideration
  5. Consider The Event
aso ebi style-consider-the-latest-trends

Fashion is dynamic and constantly evolves with time. In fact, fashion trends are currently evolving at a faster rate than ever. Every year, there seems to be a "reigning" style. For a particular time period, off-shoulder tops and dresses were on top of the trend list. Asoebi bellas all over the country proudly rocked beautiful off-shoulder dresses and showed them off on Instagram. Without a doubt, off-shoulder dresses are still very much on top of the trend list and they don't seem to be going out of style anytime soon. Thigh-high slits, ruffles, capes and many more have also topped the list of trending asoebi styles at some point in time and are still very much in vogue. 

Considering the latest fashion trends when selecting an asoebi style does not necessarily mean following the crowd. As a matter of fact, it is not advisable to simply copy asoebi styles without first considering whether or not they would look good on you. Trends should be considered as a guide, something that could help us narrow down our endless list of ideas, not something we must follow. Having your own unique style is great, so you can choose to consider the latest trends or you could decide to put on your creative hat and create something unique, whatever rocks your boat.

Asoebi style - consider your shape

2. Take Your Body Shape Into Consideration

Body shape is probably one of the most important factors to consider when choosing an asoebi style. A gorgeous dress may look terrible on an individual if the style of the dress is not suitable for that individual's body shape. Similarly, a basic dress may look regal if worn by someone with the right body shape. The importance of selecting an asoebi style that suits one's body shape cannot be overemphasized. Generally, curvy women tend to go for styles that accentuate their curves while women with narrow hips tend to go for flare gowns and skirts.


body shapes - aso ebi styles
Different female body shapes
Source: https://flexxzone.fcmb.com/

The five most common body shapes for women are as follows:


The hips and bust are almost of equal size with a narrow waist.

Apple or round

Wide torso, broad shoulders, and a full bust, waist, and upper back.

Pear or triangle

Curvy hips, thick thighs and a full bottom with smaller waist, bossoms and narrow shoulders.


Body fat is distributed predominantly in the abdomen, buttocks, chest, and face. This overall fat distribution creates the typical ruler (straight) shape.

Inverted triangle

Broad shoulders and large chest with narrower hips


3. Put Social Media To Good Use

Gone are the days when we had to go through fashion magazines at our tailors' shops before finding suitable asoebi styles. These days, all you need is a smartphone and some mobile data. Apps like Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest have made it super easy to assess thousands of asoebi styles for any event or occasion. As a matter of fact, hundreds of Facebook pages and Instagram accounts have been created for this purpose. These pages/accounts are dedicated to showcasing different asoebi styles from all over Africa and beyond. A brief tour of one or more of such Facebook pages or Instagram accounts can be very helpful when trying to select an asoebi style for a wedding or event.

4. Take The Fabric Into Consideration

Before selecting an asoebi style, the type of fabric available must be taken into consideration. Ankara and lace fabrics are the commonest asoebi fabrics used in Nigeria today. Some styles are better suited for Ankara fabrics than lace fabrics and vice versa. You can also check aso ebi fabrics that are perfect for Nigerian weddings.

The nature of the fabric should also be considered when choosing an asoebi style. Lace fabrics may be flowy, stiff, shiny, beaded or sheer. Some styles require a flowy fabric, using a stiff fabric for such styles may not be the best decision. Also, when using a sheer lace fabric, one has the option to choose a style that shows more skin than usual or one that doesn't. Beaded and shiny fabrics are typically difficult to work with but they are capable of making basic styles look extravagant.

Shop beautiful and quality aso ebi fabrics in wholesale and retail quantities at affordable prices on Mafott Fabrics store.

aso ebi style-consider-the-event

5. Consider The Event

A well known rule in fashion is that the event determines what one wears. The asoebi style you select for an event should be determined by the nature of the event. Some events require you to dress to impress, others do not. A talk-of-the-town wedding ceremony, a movie premiere or a gala night would require a more extravagant style than a funeral or social club meeting. The duration of the event should also be considered before choosing an asoebi style. Some events last the whole day, some last for only a few hours. The former requires a style that would make you as comfortable as possible, you do not want to wear a corset dress the whole day!

aso ebi style-choosing

Choosing the right asoebi style for a wedding or event can be challenging but no matter your body shape, personal taste, or fabric, you can find the perfect asoebi style for that special event on Mafott Fabrics.

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