5 Aso ebi Fabrics Perfect for Nigerian Weddings

Asoebi fabrics Fare one of the highlights of Nigerian weddings. The flair and colour diversity of traditional ceremonies in Nigeria give brides and grooms the perfect avenue to showcase their different cultural heritages.
Asoebi fabrics Nigerian weddings


It is necessary to understand that, Nigerian weddings are always vibrant and full of colour. In a nutshell, the typical Nigerian wedding ceremony is nothing short of flashy.

The average wedding ceremony of any Nigerian is more or less a community gathering. Invites are open to family members, close relatives, acquaintances, and loose acquaintances.

Hence, a big audience is unavoidable. Bearing in mind the caliber of persons to be gracing your event, dress patterns should be aimed at imparting elegance, colour and thoughtfulness.

Every stylish Nigerian loves custom-made attires because they would love to look different from everyone whenever they grace an occasion.

Nigerian weddings are usually a mixture of fashion-savvy and elegant. What better platform to advertise your unique tastes in fabrics.

As a result of the conventional 'pepper dem' phenomenon, everyone is clad in the latest aso ebi styles and fashion ideas, all in a bid to stand out from the crowd. 

But mind you! It's bad luck to outshine the celebrants, so make sure to tone down the sparkles! Whatever the theme of the occasion might be, you'll definitely not want to run out of ideas.

That is why this guide is here to help you select the perfect fabric for that beautiful occasion.

You would find these tips on how to select perfect aso ebi colour for your wedding useful.

Asoebi fabrics

What Aso ebi Means

The word 'Asoebi' is a Yoruba term that means 'cloth of the family'. It is a uniform attire worn by only family and friends of the couple.

Asoebi signifies togetherness and unity between family members and friends of the couple, especially during special occasions.

Selecting Asoebi has long become an important aspect in the planning of Nigerian events be it weddings, burials, family meetings, social functions, and even birthdays.

It is widely known for adding flavor, colour, and spice to any party, thereby making guests feel like chairpersons in the occasion.

Although the term Asoebi was coined by the Yoruba people, it is also worn by Africans of different tribes. The fabrics used for Asoebi range from Ankara and velvet, to lace and caftan.

Any other suitable fabric can be used. Nevertheless, you will be provided with the perfect picks for Naija weddings. Below are 5 Asoebi fabrics perfect for Nigerian weddings.


5 Asoebi Fabrics for Nigerian Weddings

  1. Ankara
  2. Aso oke
  3. Lace Fabric
  4. Kaftan
  5. Organza Fabric


asoebi ankara
Image credit: Ankara fashion styles

  1. Ankara

Ankara, commonly known as African wax print is a common material for clothing in Africa. It is usually manufactured from cotton, and it comes with batik-inspired print patterns.

One of the visible characteristics of Ankara is the uniformity of the colour intensity in the front and back of the material. Ankara is a very versatile fabric.

The tribalistic patterns and motifs make it easily recognizable anywhere. When sewn well, Ankara can even go with caftan, Iros, and Bubas.

Because Ankara is pretty cheap and modern, it is popular among the younger folks. As a result, the fabric had become a major pick for Nigerian weddings because of its versatility and popularity.

asooke - asoebi

  1. Aso Oke

Aso-Oke is a fabric that is designed by the Yoruba tribe. It started in 'Western Nigeria' and 'Ajase' in the Southeastern Benin republic. The cloth is carefully hand woven and takes quite some time. As a result, it is often expensive.

The process of making the cloth has remained the same way for ages. Nevertheless, new techniques have been employed to dampen the thickness of the Aso-Oke cloth.

Reducing the weight of the fabric has made it more accessible for casual wear.

The material is used to make men's gowns, known as Agbada and hats. The hats are referred to as Fila. Aso-Oke is also used to make women's wrappers, known as Iro and head-tie.

The head-ties are referred to as gele. The timeless woven designs of Aso-Oke epitomizes pomp. This makes aso oke a popular pick for many Nigerian weddings.

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  1. Lace Fabric

Lace is a delicate fabric. It is made from natural materials like; silk, viscose, cotton, and wool. The fabric features different types of openwork patterns. Popular lace designs are geometric, floral, and botanical.

When preparing cloth designs, lace can be used as the main material, or it can be used to decorate hems.

In Nigeria, lace fabrics depict classy and elegant. They usually come in just one colour, making them brilliantly different. When used in weddings, they give a whole different vibe to the entire event. 

Hence, they are among the top picks perfect for Nigerian weddings and occasions. See beautiful aso ebi lace styles to choose from.

Lace can be sewn into Iro and Buba for the females, while for the males, lace can be embroidered in Buba and Sokoto.

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aso ebi - kaftan

  1. Kaftan

Caftans are perfect for comfortability and wearability. Families that see these qualities as the primary drive for choosing materials always pick caftans for their events.

The fabric is technically a one-size-fits-all garment. It is normally loose fitting, and it tends to flow when you walk around.

Caftan can be made from cotton and polyester alike. The important factor is that, it has to be lightweight and comfortable to the touch.

In Nigeria, caftan is originally popular among the Northerners, but in recent times, people of other tribes are making use of the material because of its simple and easy features.

Caftan can be worn to virtually any event. The traditional two piece design gives it a minimalist aura, making it a popular pick for the male counterparts. Today, Nigerian designers have become very creative in making caftan.

Hence, lovely and unique designs have been created to match the wearer's taste. The style has also been modified to accommodate feminine designs. As a result, the caftan has become a perfect pick for Nigerian weddings.


  1. Organza Fabric

Organza fabrics are always bright and colourful. Popular in West Africa, the fabric is widely known for its beauty. A good number of modern organzas are woven with polyester or nylon.

The fabric is a plain weave material that is lightweight and crispy to the touch. Traditionally made from silk, the cotton variation is called organdy.

The organza is commonly misinterpreted as a sheer material, but on the contrary, it is a strong fabric.

Because of its outstanding drape, it is usually used to create gowns and skirts with volume. The vibrant appearance of the organza fabric makes it a common choice for special occasions.

The beautiful fabric is undoubtedly perfect for Nigerian weddings.



Whatever may be the reason for your choice in a particular fabric, make sure to pay attention to the durability, uniqueness and convenience of the fabric. Nigerian weddings always bring in spice and sauce, therefore, your outfit should unfailingly communicate these themes.

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