Green asoebi is almost always a vision to behold and i can prove it!

My phone gallery is a dazzling mix of colors basically i love and breathe colors. However i am partial to darker color shades, today i want show you how a few of the super fashionable ladies who shop Mafott fabrics have rocked their green asoebi in recent times.

Go green or go home

green Nigerian party asoebi lace fabric from mafott fabrics worn by asoebi bella

This look is intensely green, this gorgeous asoebibella intensified the green "o" meter by adding an extra green detail to the side of the dress.

Green with the right amount of spice

Asoebi look in a mix of green and orange fabric 

This look is a spicy mix of burnt orange and dark green, it’s perfect a for lighter skin tone bella.

Green but give it skin!

Green asoebi style

This gorgeous lady rocking a fabric from broke the green down with skin tone brown inserts to create skin illusion. Its just perfect.

Bling the green because you can!

Igbo wedding dressed and fabric

This i mean THIS is how you do bling right! 

My work here is done!

Well i hope with these few picture i have shown you just how awesome green is as an asoebi color! All these fabrics were from our store, please click here to shop green fabrics.

Lots of love,

Temi at Mafott fabrics

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