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You Can Never Go Wrong With These Aso Ebi Colour Combinations

It is quite normal for an intending bride to be extremely anxious as her big day approaches. There are so many decisions to make when planning a wedding, and no matter how prepared one is, anxiety is quite inevitable. The decision making process regarding several aspects of the wedding may be stressful, but choosing a perfect aso ebi colour combination does not have to be stressful. Whether you are planning a white wedding ceremony or a traditional one, you can never go wrong with the following aso ebi colour combinations:   Brown and cream This colour combination is boldly leading the pack and its perfect for couples who do not like vibrant colours. It is cool, simple and classy. Cream...

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5 Aso ebi Fabrics Perfect for Nigerian Weddings

Asoebi fabrics Fare one of the highlights of Nigerian weddings. The flair and colour diversity of traditional ceremonies in Nigeria give brides and grooms the perfect avenue to showcase their different cultural heritages.   It is necessary to understand that, Nigerian weddings are always vibrant and full of colour. In a nutshell, the typical Nigerian wedding ceremony is nothing short of flashy. The average wedding ceremony of any Nigerian is more or less a community gathering. Invites are open to family members, close relatives, acquaintances, and loose acquaintances. Hence, a big audience is unavoidable. Bearing in mind the caliber of persons to be gracing your event, dress patterns should be aimed at imparting elegance, colour and thoughtfulness. Every stylish Nigerian loves...

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