Owambe: These 5 Tips will Help You Prepare for Any Event.

It is often said that Nigerians are some of the happiest people in the world. Despite the seemingly unending struggles we face, we are well known for creating our own happiness in the best ways we can. Nigerians have simply mastered the art of having fun amidst chaos and you can't talk about fun in Nigeria without mentioning Owambe.
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Nigerian parties are simply the best. From the fashion and music to the food and drinks, everything is aimed at giving party guests the best possible experience. Due to the extravagant nature of most Owambe parties in Nigeria, intending guests are always eager to look their best and some spend days or even weeks making all the necessary preparations to attend such parties. 

5 Tips will Help You Prepare for Owambe

Preparing for a grand event can be challenging but the following tips can help you prepare for any event:

  1. Dress According to the Occasion.
  2. Wear Something Comfortable.
  3. Make Sure You're Up To Date With Fashion Trends.
  4. Remember that Your Shoes are the First Thing People Notice About You.
  5. Do not Stress to Impress.


owambe event - dress accordingly

1. Dress According To The Occasion

You cannot adequately prepare for an event without first considering the nature of the event and what is expected of the guests. Always ensure that your outfit is appropriate for the occasion but note that you do not necessarily need a very expensive outfit for a grand, extravagant party. You do not need to break the bank or incur unnecessary debts in order to blend in, you can look classy, elegant and trendy without spending a fortune. So if you currently feel anxious about what to wear to that special event because of your current financial situation, fret not! You can definitely look good on a budget.

Dressing according to the occasion may sometimes involve dressing according to a theme. Themed weddings are not very common in Nigeria, but if you ever get the opportunity to attend a themed wedding party, try as much as possible to plan your outfit with the theme in mind. The couple will definitely be happy and grateful to see that you complied with their wedding theme.

owambe event- 3 beautiful ladies

2. Wear Something Comfortable

A person is more likely to enjoy an event if they feel comfortable in what they are wearing. Uncomfortable clothes can prevent one from having a good party experience even in the midst of abundant food and good music. Therefore, in order to enjoy that special Owambe event to the fullest, endeavour to wear something comfortable. The goal is to look good and feel good, not to look gorgeous and feel like rushing to the bathroom to take off your clothes. Try as much as possible to avoid wearing tight shoes and extremely tight clothes to wedding parties, if you must wear a tight dress, ensure you can breathe properly in it when you sit down and after you eat.

If you are someone who likes to dance at parties, then you'll surely agree that when you wear something comfortable to an event, you will be more willing (and able) to dance to your heart's content and celebrate joyfully with the couple. Uncomfortable clothes and shoes can negatively affect your mood, they can make you cranky and eager to leave an event before it ends.

owambe event - lady keeping up with the latest fashion trends

Having your own unique style is great, but being up to date with fashion trends can make it easier for you to prepare for an event. Some people worry excessively about what to wear to an event because they do not know what styles are in vogue and the trendy styles that would suit them. A good knowledge of trendy owambe styles can help you prepare better for any owambe event. Also, when you are up to date with fashion trends, you would not have to worry about looking odd, old-fashioned or underwhelming at any event. You can find out about trendy owambe styles on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

You can also read our blog post on how to select aso ebi styles for any event.

owambe - lady with beautiful shoe

4. Remember That Your Shoes Are The First Thing People Notice About You

The importance of wearing good shoes to any event cannot be overemphasized. It is often said that one of the first things people notice when they see you are your shoes. Poor choice of shoes can ruin a good outfit but a good pair of shoes can perfectly complement a nice outfit and contribute to a great first impression. Good shoes do not necessarily have to be expensive, they just have to be elegant and appropriate for your outfit. However, try as much as possible to wear good quality shoes in order to avoid mishaps that could ruin your day and cause panic. The last thing you want to deal with on the day of an event is a broken heel, a loose sole or a torn buckle. Most importantly, before you select a pair of shoes to wear for an event, remember that comfort is key. If you truly want to have as much fun as you possibly can at an owambe event, then endeavour to wear comfortable shoes.

owambe event - lady dressing simple but stunning

5. Do Not Stress To Impress

It is quite important to look your best at all events, but remember to cut your coat according to your size, or in this case, your bank account. You do not need to panic unnecessarily about what to wear and how to measure up to other guests. Try as much as possible to avoid an unhealthy desire to impress or compete with other guests, this can take the fun out of the event. Owambe is synonymous with fun, joy and celebration. The main goal when attending any owambe event should be to have as much fun as possible, and to share in the joy of the celebrants. Do not put unnecessary pressure on yourself in a bid to impress others, after all, you are actually just a guest, not the celebrant. In a nutshell, do whatever you can to look your best within your means.

Owambe season is a season that never ends so you are most likely going to attend a good number of owambe events in your lifetime. With these useful tips in mind, preparing for any event would be an easy and enjoyable task.

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