You Can Never Go Wrong With These Aso Ebi Colour Combinations

It is quite normal for an intending bride to be extremely anxious as her big day approaches. There are so many decisions to make when planning a wedding, and no matter how prepared one is, anxiety is quite inevitable. The decision making process regarding several aspects of the wedding may be stressful, but choosing a perfect aso ebi colour combination does not have to be stressful. Whether you are planning a white wedding ceremony or a traditional one, you can never go wrong with the following aso ebi colour combinations:


Asoebi colour combination - Brown and cream

Brown and cream

This colour combination is boldly leading the pack and its perfect for couples who do not like vibrant colours. It is cool, simple and classy. Cream and dark brown compliment each other so well, just like milk and chocolate.

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Peach and brownAsoebi colour combination - peach

Peach and Brown

Peach is also making a strong come back. Coincidentally peach works perfectly with brown. This is an incredibly gorgeous aso ebi colour combination that is fast gaining popularity. It is a perfect choice for cool, calm and collected brides

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Asoebi colour combination - baby pink and silver

Baby Pink and Silver

The return of the baby girl baby Pink and Silver. This an asoebi colour combination quickly making its way back into the aso ebi fashion trend. 


asoebi colour combination - black and silver

Daring black and silver

This is a quite unpopular and unconventional aso ebi colour combination, most likely because of the superstitious nature of Nigerians in general. Black is widely viewed as a colour that symbolizes mourning or death, so many may refrain from using black as a wedding aso ebi colour, even though they enjoy wearing black to other events. Some believe that using black as a wedding aso ebi colour may bring bad luck on the couple, that is however not true. Black and Silver is a lovely colour combination rocked to weddings in other parts of the world and even here in Nigeria, although it is quite uncommon. It is a regal colour combination, when paired with silver accessories, it can make one look expensive and super classy.

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Asoebi colour combination - emerald and gold

Emerald and Gold.

The ever classic emerald green and gold. This asoebi colour combination perfectly complements one another.

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