Nigerian Wedding: Aso Ebi Lace Styles You Should Rock in 2023.

Ever been so anxious about attending an event because you had no idea what to wear to the event? You are not alone! Many individuals, especially females, are plagued with a certain form of anxiety whenever they have a big event to attend.

Aso ebi lace styles 2023

Weddings are one of the oldest and most important events in the history of mankind. In Nigeria, weddings are usually held on Saturdays and no Nigerian wedding is complete without Aso ebi, a uniform fabric worn by close friends and relatives of the couple.


Choosing Aso ebi styles for a wedding can be a herculean task. Many turn to social media for ideas but social media is awash with so many different styles, making it harder for one to make a decision. There are a couple of factors to consider before selecting an aso ebi style for a wedding, the type of aso ebi fabric available is one of them. Common aso ebi fabrics include Ankara, Lace, Aso oke and Adire.

Lace fabrics are known for being quite expensive, versatile, exquisite and elegant. However, a nice lace fabric could be ruined by a subpar or old-fashioned style.

Aso Ebi Lace Styles You Should Consider in 2023

Due to the nature of lace fabrics, you do not need extravagant or over-the-top styles in order to make a statement. A very simple and elegant style could look regal when made with lace fabric, but if you want to make a statement, you should consider rocking these trendy aso ebi lace styles:

  1. Thigh high slits
  2. Cape Dresses
  3. Off shoulder puff sleeves
  4. Peplum Tops and Gowns
  5. Mermaid gown
  6. Corset gowns
  7. Feather dresses
  8. Ruffles made with fabrics


Aso ebi lace styles 2023 - thigh high slits

1. Thigh-high Slits

Long dresses with thigh high slits seem to be the latest fashion trend among asoebi bellas at the moment. Although many may frown at this style and label it inappropriate, it has definitely come to stay. If you do not mind showing some skin and getting disapproving stares from older wedding guests, then you should definitely consider thigh high slits.

Aso ebi lace styles 2023 - cape dress

2. Cape Dresses

If you have a thing for eccentric or over the top styles, then a dress with a long cape would be perfect for you. Capes are most appropriate for extravagant, talk-of-the-town wedding ceremonies. Wearing a cape to a small or simple wedding ceremony might be seen as an attempt to upstage the bride, so you may want to save your cape gowns for luxurious wedding parties.

Aso ebi lace styles - Off Shoulder Puff Sleeves

3. Off Shoulder Puff Sleeves

Off shoulder puff sleeves are trendy, elegant and perfect for all kinds of wedding ceremonies. The sleeves could be made with the same lace material or a different material like velvet, chiffon or ankara.

Aso ebi lace styles - peplum tops and gowns

4. Peplum Tops and Gowns

Peplum tops and gowns are highly regarded for their ability to compliment different body types and sizes. Most women refrain from wearing pencil gowns and skirts because they are not curvy, but with peplum tops and gowns, you do not have to worry about not having an hourglass figure. Peplum tops and gowns are also perfect for hiding belly fat, you do not have to suck your tummy in for pictures when wearing a peplum dress.

Aso ebi lace styles 2023 - mermaid gowns

5. Mermaid Gowns

Mermaid gowns are known for accentuating the natural curves of women with hourglass or pear body types. They are usually tight around the torso and hips, and loose around the knees, legs and feet. Although mermaid gowns can be worn by anyone, it is not advisable to wear a mermaid gown if you have a straight or inverted triangle body type. Mermaid gowns could be sleeveless, off shoulder, puff sleeved, short sleeved, long sleeved or more, depending on your taste.

Aso ebi lace styles 2023 - corset gowns

6. Corset Gowns

Corset gowns are perfect for showing off natural curves, reducing or completely hiding belly fat and making one's waist look thinner than it actually is. They are considered sexy and elegant but they can cause some degree of discomfort, especially after consuming loads of delicious food, small chops and drinks at the wedding party.


7. Feathered Dresses

Lace tops and gowns with feathers are fashionable and edgy. The feathers could be anywhere on the dress, although most people prefer to attach the feathers to the sleeves or neck of the dress.

Aso ebi lace styles 2023 - Ruffles made with fabrics

8. Ruffles Made With Fabric

Ruffles made with lace, chiffon or velvet are quite similar to feathers, although they can be a little more dramatic. Lace or chiffon ruffles can add flair and elegance to a basic dress. However, when sewing ruffled gowns, one must be careful not to overdo it, too much ruffles can make a dress look ridiculous.


Regardless of your body shape and size, there are so many unique and beautiful Aso ebi lace styles to choose from. Endeavour to select a style that perfectly suits your body type and doesn't divert too much attention from the bride. Even If you are the kind of person who picks comfort over fashion, rest assured that there is a perfect style for you!


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